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We're a family-based company located in Columbia County, New York. Through our many years of experience and dedication to customers, Dells' has established a reputation for reliability and perfectionism. Whether you need a radiant floor heating installation, a new furnace/ Air Conditioning unit, or simply a new part or accessory, Dells' can fulfill any and all of your conventional needs.Let "Our Family" get to know "Your Family"!Let us know what you need and leave the rest to us.  Read more »

Mouse Damage

Mice Damage

Please be aware DELLS' technican's are finding mice damage when cleanning and servicing clients A/C units. You can try to check your unit often to make sure the mice are not nesting in your unit. We also suggest putting moth baths and bounce dryer sheets around.  Read more »

Air Conditioning Service

Most of us are looking forward to the arrival of Spring and warmer temperatures.   Now is the perfect time to schedule the annual servicing of your ac system.   Here are some reasons you should schedule a cooling tune-up annually:
•   Required by most manufacturers to keep your warranty valid
•   Ensures your system works at an optimum level
•   Helps reduce your utility bills
•   Can prevent costly repair bills by uncovering small problems before they become expensive ones

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Spring 2015

We all have been waiting for Spring 2015, which is next Friday!!! Please remeber that with all this snow there is a great possiablity that we will have flooding. Please call DELLS' for any of your SUMP PUMP needs, we have them in stock and a team ready to help!

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