J. K.

David, his family and fellow workers are a wonderful group of people. David is super-bright, funny, easy-going and works well in every situation I’ve encountered with him. Renovations to old homes, especially major renovations, can be fraught with all sorts of anxiety and complexity. It’s so important to have someone with knowledge, expertise and the human touch required to get people to work together and to motivate them to get things done on time. Dave brings that skill to the table and it is priceless – And that service is free!

I thank Dells for all they do for me now, what they have done in the past for me, and look forward to continuing my relationship with them!


Really a pleasure to provide Dells with a resoundingly positive recommendation. I met them when I first purchased my home in Catskill, NY over 13 years ago. I have worked with them consistently from that time, on multiple jobs, big and small. In fact, I have never considered using anyone else.

Every job, every call, every employee has demonstrated exemplary professionalism. Budget always fair and straightforward. The trust, quality, consistency, service, and reliability that I’ve experience with Dells is genuinely appreciated – especially since it’s so hard to find these days in so many types of businesses. I allow them to work in my home in my absence and I pretty much know I’ll never need another plumber as long as they’re in business.

I recommend them without hesitation, unconditionally, and enthusiastically.

James S.

Dave and his team have been reliable, professional, and personable partners on a range of projects at our home – from replacing old furnaces with new high-efficiency units to a big conversion to an environmentally-friendly geothermal system that has virtually eliminated our propane use. But regardless of the size of the job, Dave treats every task with care, honesty, and skill.

Ilze and Laurence

Everyone said you were the best. You are the best! You answered the phone on a Friday night at 9:30pm; you showed up the following Saturday morning and you had a septic crew on Monday to unfreeze our pipes. I can’t thank you enough. Five stars!!!


Just used the website to pay my bill. Very easy to use. The gentleman who came over to fix our furnace was great. This was a difficult job and he solved all the problems. We were very impressed. Thank you very much for outstanding service over the years.


As always guys, thanks for your help.

Pat G.

You have an exceptional staff that is always helpful and courteous. Thank you.

Lindrais S.

Many thanks for your most wonderful service and work.

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